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We are all born with a pulse inside of us – a natural rhythm. This starts developing from everything you hear as a young child and continues to develop as you learn to speak. I will help cultivate this natural development so that musical rhythm becomes effortless. We’ll also be using ear training to learn how to listen to music and understand the structure. Utilizing the music you’re passionate about, rhythm and ear training will help you develop your voice and as a singer.

We’ll work together to develop a customized plan that focuses on specific techniques – including range, tone, vowel modification, sight-singing, how to memorize lyrics, and how to practice efficiently – in order to reach your musical goals. Whether you’re looking to perform and need help learning to command a stage and connect with an audience, how to work with a mic, or how to use emotions in your music to develop your own personal style – I can help your improve your musicality and meet goals of any repertoire.

What you'll learn

  • Build a solid technical foundation you can apply to any style or song you want to sing
  • How to warm-up and develop your voice with or without an instrument
  • How to actively listen to songs you want to learn
  • How to develop rhythm and timing as well as how to understand the form and break it down into sections
  • Practice strategies to help solve each songs own particular challenges
  • Coordinate your singing with an instrument or along with tracks
  • How to develop the ear to help improve your pitch

The only thing holding you back is yourself - why wait?

Online music lessons customized for your goals

the benefits

  • Attend customized voice lessons – tailored to your individual goals
  • Choose your music style – Learn how to sing using the music that you love
  • Overcome your fears – I will work with you to identify and help you overcome your fears that are holding you back from reaching your goals
  • Benefit from experience – I have over 20 years of voice teaching experience (and it shows)
  • Attend lessons safely – lessons are online through Zoom
  • Unlock your musical potential – with passion and dedication, I can help you meet your singing goals

Step 1

The first step can sometimes be the hardest (plus you’ll have  help from a professional for the rest) – so all you really have to do is just book the lesson!

Step 2

We work together to determine your musical goals, and develop a customized plan to boost your skills, self-esteem, and help you play your best.

Step 3

You get awesome musical skills, and overcome the mental roadblocks holding you back (talk about a win-win)!

unlock your musical potential

Learning to sing takes passion and dedication – and can seem overwhelming at times. We’ll work hand-in-hand to create a customized plan to help overcome your mental roadblocks and meet your musical goals.