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About MCS Music Studios

About Michael

We all have a moment in our past that started our excitement in music. For me, that was Billy Joel. From a young age through my teens, I was interested in music but was told I was told I had no natural musical ability, and was even turned down as a student by music teachers. Finally at age 19, after only 3 months of lessons, I was performing advanced Billy Joel songs at a recital.

Now, with a B.A. in Classical Piano and over 20 years of music teaching experience, I love sharing my passion for music with my students. I understand the student struggle (because I’ve been there), and I use my experience to create unique practice strategies that will help you succeed.

Along with teaching comprehensive online private lessons, I’ve spent years studying and performing all different genres including rock, pop, jazz, and classical – and am always excited to share my passion for music via the newest methodologies and technology. 

Michael Sherman, Instructor at MCS Music Studios
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unlock your musical potential

Is learning an instrument hard work? Absolutely; but with dedication and my experienced techniques that help you build a strong foundation, I can help you overcome the mental roadblocks that are keeping you from playing at your peak.

Overcoming Fear

The MCS Philosophy

Music can be a passionate and a deeply personal thing. It can be used to express yourself, impress a loved one, or just having fun with friends. From day one, we’ll work hand-in-hand to uncover what makes you passionate about music, and use that to help understand your goals.

One thing that can really hold us back is fear; fear of not being naturally talented, fear of being too old to start playing, fear your hands aren’t the right size, stage fright, fear of being embarrassed – and maybe even fear that your fear isn’t even on this list of fears everyone else is having! While fear is a normal emotion, it can lead to self-limiting behavior that can hold us back. I will work with you to help you overcome your fears and mental roadblocks that are keeping you from playing at your peak.

You’ll learn important foundational techniques to help boost your skills, self-esteem, and dedication to the instrument. We’ll work together to create a customized plan that will help grow your skills and reach your goals – technique, developing the ear, music theory, improvising, how to develop efficient practice strategies, how to connect with an audience in performance – or any other goals or skills you’d like to develop. MCS Music Studios will help you break through the fear and mental roadblocks keeping you from reaching your musical goals.

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