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My son has been a student of Michael’s for almost 7 years. He has motivated my son while nurturing his gift of music. He is a very patient, wonderful, and encouraging teacher.
Lilli, New Jersey
My son Connor has been taking lessons with Michael since the age of five. It has been a very positive experience since Michael comes to our home. Connor has enjoyed working on an electric piano with the options of different sounds and instruments included. The purchase of this piano was the suggestion of Michael.

Over the last seven years, we have seen Connor make great progress. Michael has been accommodating to Connor‘s musical preferences which keeps learning music fun. I always recommend Michael to any friends who may be interested in learning to play the piano.
Courtney, New Jersey
Michael has a unique gift when it comes to teaching music. His ability to explain music and technique in a way that is easy to understand and effortless to follow (regardless of the instrument) is unparalleled. It’s a pleasure to watch Michael as he enthusiastically engages in each lesson and I just love his energy, his kindness, his patience and his method. He creates an environment that is friendly, supportive and inspiring.
In the past year since we have started our journey with Michael, my sons have made tremendous progress not only in learning instruments but also in their ear training and practicing habits. I’m delighted to see how their love of music and technique has evolved and I have no doubt they will continue to learn from Michael far beyond their school years!