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Learn Guitar Online

I know that learning a new instrument, especially when you’re an adult or teen, can be difficult – but with over 20 years of music teaching experience, I’ve created a refined customized strategy with techniques to improve your guitar skills (even if you’re starting from scratch).

Regardless of the starting point, we’ll create a plan and use primarily a chord based approach focusing on theory, ear-training, and rhythm. This allows you to start working your favorite music from the start by listening to the song or from chord charts and tablature. We’ll work together to develop your skills to reach your musical goals.

What you'll learn

  • Read standard notation, tab and guitar charts (lead sheets)
  • Understand and navigate your guitar landscape (fretboard)
  • How to coordinate playing and singing
  • My step-by-step approach to mastering chords
  • Play your favorite songs with our without sheet music
  • Skills & techniques to reach your personal music goals

The only thing holding you back is yourself - why wait?

Playing guitar onstage

the benefits

  • Attend customized guitar lessons – tailored to your individual goals
  • Choose your music style – rock, pop, jazz, and classical – we can work with your musical tastes
  • Overcome your fears – I’ll work with you to identify and help you overcome your fears that are holding you back from playing at your peak
  • Learn from experience – I have has over 20 years of guitar teaching experience (and it shows)
  • Attend lessons safely – lessons are online through Zoom
  • Unlock your musical potential – with passion and dedication, I can help you meet your guitar goals.

Step 1

The first step can sometimes be the hardest (plus you’ll have  help from a professional for the rest) – so all you really have to do is just book the lesson!

Step 2

We work together to determine your musical goals, and develop a customized plan to boost your skills, self-esteem, and help you play your best.

Step 3

You get awesome musical skills, and overcome the mental roadblocks holding you back (talk about a win-win)!

unlock your musical potential

Learning guitar takes passion and dedication – and can seem overwhelming at times. We’ll work hand-in-hand to create a customized plan to help overcome your mental roadblocks and meet your musical goals.